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Training Won't Fix Your Life. Fixing Your Life Will Improve Your Training.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I stole this line from Sean McGovern a couple of years ago and had been sharing it with my clients ever since.

Too many people think that joining a gym, starting a new diet, or hiring a trainer will fix their life.

But no new gym, diet, or trainer will mend your broken relationships, cure chronic anxiety, heal deep-rooted insecurities, improve your self-image (no, getting a six-pack usually isn’t the trick), etc.

An excellent gym community, an understanding trainer, or a healthy diet certainly don’t worsen any of those things. They can usually help, but they won’t solve anything.

On the other hand, working to fix the brokenness in your life will help to improve your training. Better relationships, self-image, confidence, inner peace, etc., will make you better in the gym.

It’s just not a two-way street.

So, keep training, but don’t stop seeking ways to fix the brokenness in your life.

We all have some, and we would all be “fitter” without it.

If you need guidance on where to even start with fixing your life, that is where our coaches at Vital Fitness can help.

We'll go over things like how we can work around a messy schedule or discuss factors outside of macro-counting that are holding you back from seeing results through our Free Intro.

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