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Hitting Macros: Why the Scale Isn't Moving

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

If you're hitting your macros and still not losing weight then... you're not actually hitting your macros. ⁣But here's why.

Let me preface this by saying macro-counting is not the only method to reaching your goals. You can still gain muscle, lose weight, train better, etc. without tracking macros.

But, say that your number is that "magical 1200" and still no weight loss. It probably means you're either:⁣

-Underestimating takeout food⁣

-Not weighing and measuring accurately (not that most need to weigh)⁣

-Underestimating the impact of alcohol

-Not eating 1200 calories (likely due to nibbles)⁣

-Or a combination of the above⁣

In this case, you think you're eating correctly but, in reality, taking in above what you perceived as lower calories.⁣

Here Are Some Things to Consider

-All Publix Subs don't weigh the same. MyFitnessPal can’t exactly measure for that variable⁣.

-If the food item is off by 25 calories, times that by 4 items and now you're over by 100 calories that day! Fast food/takeout is just a guestimate⁣.

-Alcohol increases your appetite, high cals, stores belly fat, leads to poor food choices⁣.

-All you think about is what you can’t have if the calories are too little too soon. Stealing a bite or two when it doesn't count #addsup

If you’re hitting your macros and not seeing the change you are probably overlooking the little things that add up over the week. ⁣

P.s. In most cases, you don’t need to count your macros. Cook from home more, drink less, and don't get too restrictive.

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