Our Team

Get to know the people who make it happen.


Founder & Coach

Andrew Strohm

Andy Strohm is a Nutrition Coach and Co Owner of Vital Fitness. Andy has had an appreciation for health and fitness ever since he recognized his own school and work performance increased as his health increased. Easy going and insightful, he helps his clients dig deep and improve their lives. Andy is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and considers others success his success.


Founder, Head Coach, GM

Josh Duncan

Josh Duncan is the Head Coach and Co Owner of Vital Fitness. Josh was a teacher in Polk County schools for 7 years and an assistant football coach for five years.

In 2015, Josh completed his Crossfit Level 1 certification and has been coaching group fitness classes ever since. Eager to find the most effective methods to coach his clients, he earned his Crossfit Level 2 certification in November of 2018.

What drives Josh as a coach is his passion to use fitness as a tool to help individuals regain confidence in life whether it’s getting a first pull up or learning how to eat or sleep better.


Founder & Coach

Jake Foster

Jake Foster is a coach and Co Owner of Vital Fitness. Jake specializes in remote coaching, lifestyle coaching, and personal training. His passion for health and fitness comes from a lifetime in sports and a personal health journey to overcome food sensitivities. He is Opex CCP certified and continues his education monthly.

The thing Jake loves the most about coaching is seeing the impact his instruction has on people’s lives. He knows the importance of a healthy body and gets excited to help people along a journey toward vitality.



Blake Scheidt

Blake Scheidt is one of the CrossFit coaches and personal trainers at Vital Fitness. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree from Reformed Theological Seminary and is a youth director at Strong Tower Church in downtown Lakeland. Since most of his free time is spent studying or training clients, Blake values any extra time that he gets to spend with his wife and two sons, which is preferably at the beach.

Originally from Baltimore, MD., Blake spent most of his youth training for football. He received a scholarship to play at Frostburg State University, which was followed by an opportunity to play semi pro for Baltimore City. After finishing his football career, Blake began to neglect his personal health and quickly gained an extra 50 pounds.
 Blake quickly realized he needed to make a change and attended his first Crossfit class in 2012. By balancing his diet and training consistently, Blake was able to lose the 50 pounds he had gained in only 6 months. Impassioned by his results and eager to share them with others, he earned his Crossfit Level 1 Certification and has continued to coach ever since.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

According to Blake, what motivates him to continue training clients, despite his busy schedule, is the continuous joy it brings him to assist members in fulfilling their goals through a healthier lifestyle.